These are the rules of the wiki, if you do not follow the rules, you will either get a warning or a block, depending on how serious the rule is. These also apply if you are not logged in.

General Rules

  1. No harassing other users.
    1. This includes insulting, targeting in a negative way, and threats.
  2. No vandalism.
    1. Such as deleting all contents of a page, adding nonsense to a page, removing things for no reason, and adding incorrect information on purpose. Severe vandalism will end with a permanent block.
  3. No adding or sharing sexually explicit content.
    1. However, if it's from the anime or manga and only shows the breasts of a female character, it is not considered explicit and is allowed.
  4. No spamming in comments.

Creating/editing pages

Note: These rules apply to pages relating to the anime or manga, user pages do not have to follow these rules.

  1. All pages must be in English, the exceptions are a character's name in kanji.
  2. Pages for characters must include an infobox, a basic description of the character's appearance and personality, and proper categories. If the page does not include all that please add the Stub template.
  3. No adding fanart to galleries.
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