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Chapter 0 is the 0th chapter of A Centaur's Life manga series.



Himeno has a boy confess his love to her and tries to hand her a letter,  however she runs away from him. Later in the day, Himeno tells Nozomi and Kyouko that she is scared of having a relationship because she is scared that during sex her partner will find her weird "down there". To relieve Himeno's worries, Nozomi decide that they should show each other how they look "down there". It seems to make Himeno feel better.

Himeno goes back to the boy who confessed to her and takes the letter. She reads the letter which only wrote about her breasts, so she turns him down.



  • We learns that Angels and Centaurs have a high rate for their children to have birth defects, and will the government will provide life insurance if it happens.
  • Himeno doesn't have a computer apparently.