We Tried Making a Fantasy Story in RPG Style. (ファンタジーをRPG気分で作ってみた。Fantajī o RPG Kibun de Tsukutta Mita.), Fierce Fights! Arm Wrestling! How Will the Battle of the Heroines End? (激闘! 腕相撲! 女(ヒロイン)だらけの勝負の行方は?Gekitō! Udezumō! Onna (Hiroin) Darake no Shōbu no Yukue wa) is the twelfth and final episode of the A Centaur's Life.


As they read a script that Mitsuyo wrote, Kyoko and Nozomi have various criticisms. Just what is Mitsuyo's story about? All the girls in the class are holding an arm wrestling tournament. Who will be the victor?

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