Why Are We So Bewildered When We Receive a Love Letter? (ラブレターをもらって困惑する…その心は? Rabu Retā o Moratte Konwakusuru... Sono Kokoro wa?), You Can Tell What Type a Person Is By Whether They Believe in UMAs and UFOs or Not. (UFO、UMAの類を信じるか信じないかでタイプが分かれるよね。Yūfō, Yūma no Tagui o Shinjiru ka Shinjinai ka de, Taipu ga Wakareru yo ne) is the fourth episode of the A Centaur's Life.


On her way to school one morning, a boy from another school gives Himeno a love letter. The sudden turn of events has Himeno bewildered due to a traumatic memory from her childhood. What happened in Himeno's past?

Plot Overview


Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 0


  • Quetzalcoatl makes her debut at the end of the episode.

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