Antarcticans Are Like Walking Rumors. (南極人って噂がー人歩きしてるみたい。 Nankyokujin tte Uwasa ga Hitori Aruki Shiteru mitai), But In the End, The Antarcticans' History and Roots Are a Mystery, Too. (でも、南極人って歴史もルーツも謎だよね。 Demo, Nankyokujin tte Rekishi mo Rūtsu mo Nazo da yo ne) is the fifth episode of the A Centaur's Life.


A new student, the Antarctican Quetzalcoatl Sassassul, transfers into the school, much to the intrigue of everyone in the class. The new student is as friendly as can be, but Himeno just can't shake her fear due to a traumatic childhood experience.

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