Is Being Able to Retrace One's Past and Ancestors A Reason to Be Happy or Unhappy? (先祖や歴史のことを遡れるのは、むしろ幸福?それとも不幸? Senzo ya Rekishi no Koto o Sakanoboreru no wa, Mushiro Kōfuku? Soretomo Fukō?), Does Getting a Job Doing What You Love Really Bring Happiness? (本当に好きなことを仕事にすることは果たして幸せなのかな? Hontō ni Suki na Koto o Shigoto ni suru Koto wa Hatashite Shiawase nano ka na?) is the sixth episode of the A Centaur's Life.


Himeno's Centaur ancestors have a romantic, fascinating history of grand proportions. To Himeno, living as she does in the present world, it's a fantastic tale she can't even imagine.

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