Mental Strength Might Be the Biggest Reason One Wins a Serious Competition. (真剣勝負ってメンタルの強さが一番の勝因なのかもしれない。Shinken Shōbu tte Mentaru no Tsuyosa ga Ichiban no Shōinna no Kamo Shirenai), The Uncertainty of What One Believes In... Or So I Absurdly Mumble. (信じるものの不確定さって…なんて不条理に呟いたりして。Shinjiru Mono no Fukakutei satte… Nante Fujōri ni Tsubuyaitari shite.) is the eighth episode of the A Centaur's Life.


Himeno is participating in a yabusame competition. A younger girl who trains with her, Ayaka, suddenly approaches her with a declaration of war!

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