Himeno Kimihara (君原 姫乃 Kimihara Himeno) is the main character of A Centaur's Life. She is the daughter of Souta Kimihara and Rino Kimihara.


Himeno is a tall centaur girl with red curly hair, reddish-brown eyes and large breasts.

Himeno is considered to be a beauty by both centaurs and other people.


Himeno is a shy, sweet, gentle and kindhearted centaur who is also insensitive, indecisive and childish and thus make her family and friends worry about her future. She has exceptional grades, even better than Kyouko Naruku who is Himeno's very knowledgeable friend.

Himeno tends to be evasive to and troubled by her pursuers, especially when her pursuer has a different form to Himeno.

Himeno also has a second personality when entering the four-legged universe with Shino (Himeno's younger cousin). In order to protect Shino and herself, she becomes proud, cold and aggressive.


In Episode 6, it is shown that Rino Kimihara (Himeno's mother) is the descendant of centaur nobles, who has a childless older brother and a younger sister named Midoriko with a daughter named Shino. Rino is also a descendant of a princess from a samurai family and a red-haired European invader, but the recent generations of the bloodline are simply commons.



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  • The kanji for her name Himeno (姫乃) means "princess" (姫) (hime) and "from" (乃) (no).
    • The name Hime is the Japanese word for a "young lady of noble birth" or a "Princess". However, the latter signification is used more commonly.
  • Himeno's surname Kimihara means "lord, noble" (君) (kimi) and "field, plain" (原) (hara).
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