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» Synopsis
Himeno Kimihara, also known as "Hime," goes about her life, love, and studies just like any ordinary high school girl. The only difference is that she's a centaur. She enjoys her school life along with classmates of many unique shapes, including Nozomi the draconid, Kyoko the goatfolk, an angelfolk class representative, and Sassas-chan the Antarctican. Hime's younger cousin Shino-chan, her friend Maki-chan, and the class representative's four younger sisters also join the cast in this very cute slice-of-life story about girls who are human, yet aren't!

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As they read a script that Mitsuyo wrote, Kyoko and Nozomi have various criticisms. Just what is Mitsuyo's story about? All the girls in the class are holding an arm wrestling tournament. Who will be the victor?

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