Sue Mitama (御魂 末摘, Mitama Sue) is the youngest sister of the Chi-chans and Manami Mitama.


Sue is the youngest of the Mitama sisters who is born into the shrine-running Mitama family. As a child of an angel formed mother and cat formed father, she is a rare mixed form, but unfortunately has a disease associated with it.


Sue is a mix of an angel and a cat with white ears, a tail and wings. Her hair is short and white and blue eyes.


Sue is a fragile and weak child, which is why Manami Mitama has to take great care of her. When she needs support the Chi-chans also help her. Unlike the Chi-chans, Sue is a quiet and reserved.




The Chi-chans is Sue's older sisters.

Manami Mitama

Manami is Sue's older sister, like with her other sisters Manami takes care of Sue.

Manami no Chichi

He is Sue's father.


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  • The kanji for her name Sue (末摘) means "close, end, posterity, powder, tip" (末) and "to pluck" (摘).
  • Sue's surname Mitama means "soul".
  • Sue's favorite toy is a tricycle.
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